Architectural sophistication of Baku

Architectural sophistication of Baku

At the end of XIX century and beginning of XX century, Baku has gone through the first oil boom, which has a large influence on the development of local building industry. The entrepreneurs from all over the world were choosing Baku as the platform for their architectural investments. Namely during the said period of time, the majority of significant buildings have appeared in the capital of Azerbaijan. We strongly encourage you to visit and see some of these buildings. 


The Wedding Palace

Famous Baku millionaire Murtuza Mukhtarov was inspired by the beauty of Venetian Palazzo de Loggia and has built its copy in Baku for his beloved wife. Later, during the Bolshevik repressions, the philanthropist has refused to give up the building, which had a significant sentimental value for him, and he had shot and killed the government’s messengers sent for him and committed suicide.

The “Ismailiyya” Palace

This building was built in the year 1913 by Musa Nagiyev to commemorate his dearly departed son Ismayil. The building is designed using the Venetian gothic style. Today, the building hosts the presidium of the Academy of Science of Azerbaijan.

The State Philharmonic Hall

Its design was inspired by the architectural style of buildings within the Monte-Carlo Casino, particularly l'Opéra de Monte-Carlo. The society (known as the Summer Center for Public Gatherings prior to 1936) was originally organized as a club for the wealthy of Baku, who attended it for banquets and entertainment. In 1936, the club was reorganized into a residence for the Philharmonic society aimed at promoting Azerbaijani classical and folk music. On 11 August 1937 after the building underwent renovation it was named after composer Muslim Magomayev. The opening of the fully renovated building took place on 27 January 2004. The opening ceremony of the newly-renovated building was held on January 27, 2004.

Baku city Executive Power

This was the building of the city “Duma” (city council), constructed in the year 1904.  Designed in the Baroque style, it is decorated with stone carving with images of mythical animals. It used to be the city council building, and today, the building hosts the Executive Power of Baku.

Opera and Ballet Theatre

The building was constructed in the year 1911 thanks to funds of the Mailov brothers. It has a beautiful legend, stating that one of the brothers has dedicated this building to a terrific opera singer lady, who has conquered him with her voice.


The building of Evangelical-Lutheran Church is considered to be one of the rare architectural pearls of Baku. Its construction begun in the year 1896 and after four years it hosted the first organ music concert. Today, the building is equipped to be the concert hall of the Ministry of culture and tourism of the Republic of Azerbaijan.