The land of Azerbaijan is fertile and rich, and the national cuisine may boast for a myriad of delicious and unusual dishes. We suggest you get to know the most favorite dishes of Azerbaijanis, which are very popular among gourmets in the cold season.

Dushbara Dushbarais a fragrant soup with dumplingsof very small size filled with ground meat. This is probably the most favorite dish of people in Baku. Housewives do not stint on spiceswhile preparing it, and certainly add dried mint at the end. Due to this,the dushbarais considered a salutary dish that warms in winter and helps against the cold. It should also be noted that adish is considered ideal when about 10-12 dumplingscan be placed on the tablespoon.

Khingal Azerbaijani khingalis boiled squarenoodles of thin dough with fried minced meat put over the dish. Classically it is served with sauce made of kefir (matzoon yogurt) and garlic. As soon as the autumn rain starts,all Azerbaijanis remember about this dish, saying «the weather whispers about the khingal ...».

Khash A real khash is not the first, or even the main course, it’s a separate dish made of the beef feet. And we would say it is the thickest soup in the world. In Azerbaijan, it is cooked all night, and good housewives stay at the stove all this time skimming the scum off the cooking for the khashto become crystal clear. Khash is usually eaten in the early morning, when the sun just begins to rise.

Piti Piti is an Azerbaijani national soup made from mutton brisket, which is cooked in special small earthenware pots in the oven. It should be noted that this dish is eaten in different ways in each region, and each ceremony is interesting in its own way. Therefore, when ordering “piti” in one of the authentic cafes, be sure to ask how to properly eat this soup.

Dolma One of the most important and well-known dishes of Azerbaijani cuisine is Dolma. It is a minced mutton or beef mixed with herbs and spices, which are filled into grapeleaves, quince leaves, as well as into vegetables like green pepper, eggplant and tomato (this set is called «three sisters»).