When to go to Baku
When to go to Baku






















Located on the coast of the Caspian Sea, Baku is one of the largest ports in the region and the most densely populated city of the South Caucasus.

Nice, clean and modern city of Baku is beautiful during any season of the year, but summer always ads a special spark to its beauty. The whole coastal line of the city is a big health and resort zone, where everything necessary is ensured for a comfortable and high quality recreation of the city guests and residents.

Such beaches as Novkhani, Zaqulba, Bilgah, Mardakan, Shuvelan and Nardaran are offering all sorts of services and conveniences for everyone who wishes to relax on the shore of the Caspian See.

The summer season lasts from 15th of June until the 15th of September. In this period the air temperature sometimes reaches 40 degrees Celsius, and local beaches are packed during weekdays and weekends.

However, summer in Baku is notable not only for the sea and beaches. For many years now our city proudly hosts various international tournaments and games. The most recent examples of such events are the “Eurovision” song contest, the first ever “European Games”, Formula 1 Azerbaijan Grand-prix and even the “Islamic Solidarity Games”. Speaking of “Formula 1”: for several summers now, Baku has been hosting the highest class auto races, visited by world famous guests from all over the planet.Also, the cream of Russian show-business is gathering together every summer for annual “Jara” (the Heat) music festival.


Believe it or not, but the autumn in Baku begins… whenever it wants. Here, you can get +20 C in the middle of October, as well as rain showers in the beginning of September, along with famous Baku winds. Speaking of winds, whenever the autumn comes to Baku, it is always accompanied by a “trademark” wind, because the name of the “City of Winds” must be justified.

However, don’t let the winds disappoint you, because Baku is beautiful in autumn. Autumn is the very season when the city starts to enter its usual pace of life. The summer residences start to become empty, schoolchildren and students, along with their parents, start to get ready for their academic year, and the streets of Baku are getting ready for usual loads.

This by the way is a great time to renew your wardrobe, because this time of the year the city malls and boutiques are offering seasonal discounts and sales, while the theaters are announcing the schedules for new season.


Subtropical climate and nearness of the Caspian Sea make the local winters relatively mild. In addition to that, Caucasian hospitality and unique Azerbaijani cuisine will warm up heart and soul of any traveler.

Baku cuisine is famous for its starchy foods, and during the cold winter evenings you will love having such dishes as dushbara (traditional Azerbaijani dish of dumplings made of dough and filled with ground meat and condiments), qutabsand gurza (lamb dumplings).

Snow in Baku is a very rare thing, and everyone anticipates it just as they wait impatiently for the coming of New Year. By the way, both snow and New Year for Baku are the events that everyone here looks forward to. Closer to the New Year’s Eve, the city transforms and becomes decorated. The holiday mood becomes even more special because of the local Eastern color and various holiday fairs, organized in the city.


Spring in Baku is a very special period of time. This is the time when nature refreshes and wakes up from its winter sleep. Also, spring is the time of Azerbaijanis’ favorite holiday –NovruzBayram.

Novrusis a holiday, which celebrates the New Year, and the coming of spring. This holiday is traditional for all the Azerbaijani people, and is accompanied by specific customs and rituals, which are very interesting to watch, and fun to be part of.

Even though Novruz is celebrated at the end of March, people start to prepare and celebrate it in four weeks before the precious date, being the4 Wednesdays, symbolizing end of the Old year and beginning of the New Year. Each of the four Wednesdays before the holiday has its own name. Overnight into each holiday Wednesday, people gather together to make fire in the yard and jump over it to make a wish.

Su Chershenbe (Water Tuesday);

OdluChershenbe (Fire Tuesday);

TorpagChershenbe (Earth Tuesday);

AkhyrChershenbe (Last Tuesday).

According to the traditional beliefs the water is reborn on the first Wednesday and still waters come into motion. The fire is reborn on the second one, the earth - on the third. On the fourth Wednesday the wind opens the tree buds and the spring begins.

Novrus is a national holiday and its dates are non-working days in Azerbaijan. The capital city becomes bright and painted with the holiday colors, allowing you to feel the holiday mood and spirit wherever you go.