National Art Museum
Housed inside two majestic buildings which are monuments of the Oil-Boom period, this is the home of Azerbaijani classical fine arts, along with a plethora of masterpieces from abroad, as well as painted ceramics, ancient carpets and jewellery, sculptures and 15th-16th century miniatures. Experience what it's like inside!
As well as being the home of Azerbaijani classical fine arts, the National Museum of Art also houses masterpieces from Turkey, Iran, Japan, China, Russia and Western Europe. And the museum's dual buildings themselves are historic monuments dating back to the 19th-century Oil Boom.

Named after Rustam Mustafayev, an early 20th-century pioneer of theatre decoration, the museum collection chronicles items dating from the 4th millennium BC to the present day. Over 17,000 artworks can be savoured from painted ceramics, copper and bronze engraved wares to ancient carpets, and jewellery. There's also works of Azerbaijani miniature painters of the 15th-16th centuries, as well as paintings and sculptures by contemporary artists.

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