Like so many other countries battling coronavirus, Azerbaijan has been forced to close its borders and tell everyone to stay home, which sadly means our amazing capital, Baku, is temporarily off-limits to travellers. So instead, we have decided to bring it to you!

On this specially developed platform, let us take you on a virtual tour of everything that makes Baku brilliant: from its UNESCO-listed Old City and dazzling Flame Towers to its world-class museums, mud volcanoes and ever-burning fires.

Come and discover this fabulous city of contrasts from the very comfort of your living room!

Stay strong and healthy. Keep you distancing and follow only official sources of information.

A journey into the past
You don't need a time machine for this as in fantasy movies. A virtual tour of our historical sites will take you back to the past.
Let your soul relax
What could be better than art to get rid of daily worries? Below we offer you a rich cultural programme.
Faster, higher, stronger
Whether it's international sports competitions or folk games – you can plan your sports calendar already by scrolling down.
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