19 - 26.03.2018

The Culture and Tourism Ministry has announced several events to be held in Baku in connection with Novruz holiday, which Azerbaijanis celebrate on March 20-21.


A nationwide celebration dedicated to the International Novruz Day will be held in Icherisheher and in Baku Boulevard on March 19 and will run the whole week.

Guests of the city and citizens will be able to enjoy theatrical performances, performances of artists and try national dishes cooked for the spring feast.

The celebration of Novruz will be finished on March 26. During the last day of the feast in Icherisheher, teams of foreign countries celebrating Novruz holiday will show interesting performances. Also, during the performances there will be demonstrated videos about their culture, handicraft works, and national dishes.

All tourists and locals will have a great opportunity to familiarize not only with Azerbaijani national culture but also with the culture of other countries.

The State Historical and Ethnographic Reserve Gala will also host a Novruz festival on March 20-21.

Another festival will be held on March 20-26 in the State Architectural and Historical Reserve Icherisheher, where representatives of the countries celebrating this holiday along with Azerbaijan will take part.