Four day Baku

This loud metropolis attracts and magnetizes you with its colorful streets, mirror skyscrapers, the Eastern soul and European speed. And if you have only one week to see Baku, learn about its culture and get acquainted with local residents, we will try to simplify your task. Thus, we would like to present you an excellent route for 4 days, during which you will have plenty of time to see all the interesting things, without wasting your time. So, let's hit the road.

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Traditional breakfast

It is common knowledge that Azerbaijan starts with nice and tasty food. Therefore, we recommend you in the first place to get some satisfying breakfast, to build up enough energy before a long walk. If you enter the cozy fortress of the Old City through the “QoshaQala” (double gate) Gates, at the entrance you will find a tiny restaurant, famous for its amazing breakfasts. The place is called “Mangal” (charcoal grill), which means here you can taste some nice traditional cuisine. At “Mangal”, you will get real Azerbaijani breakfast, which will keep you full and comfortable up until the lunchtime. Just go ahead and order the standard package, and enjoy dishes appearing on your table one after another.

Maiden Tower & Icheri Sheher (Old City)

Let’s continue our journey without leaving the walls of the Old City. The main symbol of the ancient Baku – a mysterious tower of an unknown purpose is located at the very heart of the ancient city, inside Baku. There are still many legends told about this building, and we recommend you to listen to your guide or interpreter, who will show you every corner of this XII century tower and help you get into the spirit of the old times.

Address: the Old City (Inner city or “Icherisheher”)

Business hours: Tuesday-Sunday: 10:00 – 18:00 Ticket price: 2 AZN


Authentic streets, historic walls and souvenir shops, covered with multitude of colorful stuff… and of course the quaint colorful sellers, who definitely will recommend you to buy absolutely everything. Here you will find handmade articles and goods, beautiful silk scarfs, kerchiefs and neckpieces, as well as Azerbaijani national headdress “kelaghayi”, small city symbols and statues, bijouterie made of natural stones and even traditional craft made of natural wool, such as “Papakha” hats, special bags and etc. Just don’t forget to bargain!


Various kebabs, lulah kebabs, qutabs with greens, meat and pumpkin, dovqa and many other dishes! We also strongly recommend you to try the liver salad, i.e. so called “mangal salad”. Almost everyone here loves it, and believe us you won’t regret it as well.

Yay Gallery

After such a close acquaintance with Azerbaijani cuisine, you will be ready to start knowing the local residents. Baku residents never stop to develop their city and potential. Therefore, we recommend you to start familiarizing yourself with the creative side of the city. One of the best ways to do so is “Yay! Gallery”. This gallery represents the modern arts of Azerbaijan, and also helps the guests to learn about the new tendencies and names in the world’s art.

Address: KichikQala str. 5

The Fountain Square

At the Fountain Square and famous Nizami Street, often out of old habitcalled by the native Baku residents as the “Torgovi” street (the trade street), you will find a multitude of boutiques, coffee shops, burger places and restaurants. This is the place where you can easily find almost everything you might need.

Heydar Aliyev Cultural Center

Designed by legendary architect ZahaHadid in the year 2014, the Center has been recognized as the best building in the world, by the London museum of design. In this amazing complex, you will see the auditorium, Heydar Aliyev museum, exhibition halls, cafes and administrative offices. Shaped in a way to represent a wavy heavenward aspiration and a smooth fusion with the earth, the cultural center represents not only a postmodern style of the master, but also the infinity, symbolizing a connection between the past and the future. This is why the Heydar Aliyev Cultural Centerperfectly matches our capital city.

Address: Heydar Aliyev avenue 1,; phone: (+994 12) 505-60-01,

Business hours: Tuesdays-Fridays 11:00-19:00, Saturdays and Sundays 11:00-18:00; ticket price: 15 AZN


After you have a tasty dinner, we recommend you to walk over the central street and enter one of the wine bars (ROOM Baku, KEFLI Local Wine & Snacks), in order to taste some local wine. And if it’s Friday, then you should definitely visit the Hashtag Cocktail Bar and get a couple of unique cocktails in an original serving.

Address: T. Aliyarbekov str. Natavan alley 1 Phone: +994 (552) 55-07-00