Four day Baku

This loud metropolis attracts and magnetizes you with its colorful streets, mirror skyscrapers, the Eastern soul and European speed. And if you have only one week to see Baku, learn about its culture and get acquainted with local residents, we will try to simplify your task. Thus, we would like to present you an excellent route for 4 days, during which you will have plenty of time to see all the interesting things, without wasting your time. So, let's hit the road.

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The Ateshgah

Ateshgah eternal flame temple – is pure and unique Azerbaijani exotica. It is known almost all over the world and located in about 30 kilometers from Baku downtown, on the outskirts of Surakhani village. This terriwory is famous for its unique natural phenomenon – the burning exhaustion of natural gas (the gas comes out of the ground and inflames after contact with the oxygen). The today’s version of the temple was build back in XVII-XVIII centuries. It was constructed by the Hindu community, mainly the Sikh cast, who were residing in Baku at that time. However, the history of Ateshgah temple goes way back in time. From the ancient times this territory was a sacred sanctuary of Zoroastrians-fire worshippers (approximately the beginning of modern era). They attached mystical importance to the eternal flame and were making pilgrimage to worship this sacred place.

Yanardag (the burning mountain)

Yanardag or the burning mountain – is one of the most amazing natural monuments of the Absheron peninsula. A hill-side engulfed in flames, which are impossible to extinguish by fire, or sand, which is burning for thousands of years now.


You’ve probably figured it out by now, and know which dish is the most popular of all not only in Baku but all over Azerbaijan – it is Kebab! We recommend you to taste the lamb kebab (or shashlik) and lulah-kebab. It is served as a separated dish and may be served along with other dishes as well. For an appetizer, you should definitely try the salad made of local tomatoes! Juicy, sweet and amazingly flavored fresh tomatoes, dressed with greens “straight out of the garden will not leave you indifferent. Just don’t get too stuffed, leave some room because there are so many delicious things around!

Traditional Bazaar

No matter how hard you try, but you just won’t be able to leave Baku empty handed. Therefore, in order to help you save time and money we recommend you to visit local market (bazaar) or one of the large local markets. Here you you’ll find tons of homemade jam (i.e. conserve), made of watermelon, walnuts, berries and etc., as well as the freshest fruits, vegetables, pickles and most importantly a big share of great mood. Don’t miss out on a chance to immerse into authentic world of Baku resident.