There are about 500 hotels in Azerbaijan, 150 of which are situated in the city of Baku. Prices in the hotels depend on the season and the number of “stars”.  Hotel prices in Baku start from as low as 50 manats. However, the prices may run into thousands. During the first hotel boom, many five-star and four-star hotels were built in the city.  Today, the special priority is given to creation of conditions for developing the economy class tourism. Thus, opening of hostels is largely supported in Baku and regions. Here, you’ll be able to stay by paying the lowest prices, starting from 10 manats. Rooms and beds can be ordered online, as well as by means of the tour operators and directly. In general, the hotel personnel will be able to assist the customers in any relevant language; but mostly, the hotel personnel speak English, Russian, Turkish and Arabic. It would be reasonable to book the rooms in advance, because Azerbaijan is currently at the stage of a tourist boom, and the hotels are loaded up to 90 percent at average.