How are representatives of various religions and denominations treated in Azerbaijan?

Is it possible to use foreign currency at Azerbaijani hotels, shops and food courts?

I don’t speak Azerbaijani at all, would that be a problem?

Is it possible to visit Nagorno-Karabakh?

How expensive it is to stay in Azerbaijan?

This is our first trip to Azerbaijan – who should we contact if we encounter any problems during the visit?

Is it safe to drink the tap water at the hotel?

How safe it is in Azerbaijan?

What is the best season to visit Azerbaijan?

How can I get the transport schedules for Azerbaijan?

How can I get contact information of tourism related information centers?

Azerbaijan is a secular state, while the majority of native population here is practicing Islam. However, Azerbaijanis are known for more than a tolerant attitude towards representatives of all the religions, confessions, nationalities and cultures. Orthodox and catholic churches, congregations and synagogues are open and active in the city of Baku and the country’s regions.

The official currency in Azerbaijan is the “manat”, and all the settlements and payments on the country’s territory are implemented in the national currency. However, you can exchange the money upon arrival at the airport, or any branches of banks. Also, you shall be able to withdraw cash in the local currency by means of the ATM machines, widely available at all the residential areas.

Cards of international Visa and MasterCard payment systems are accepted at the majority of large commercial and retail facilities.

Essentially, Azerbaijanis are very friendly and hospitable. Therefore, even if they don’t speak your language, they’ll find someone who will be able to help you. At the majority of tourist locations, such as hotels, restaurants and resorts, you could easily find someone who will speak Russian or English. In case you need help on the street, and the only language you speak is English, we recommend you to turn to younger generation in the first place, because the young people in Azerbaijan are studying both English and Russian languages, while the older generation representatives have better knowledge of Russian rather than English.

Due to occupation by Armenia of the territory of Nagorno-Karabakh and its adjacent areas, it is temporarily impossible to visit the said area. Persons who visit Karabakh by entering from the territory of Armenia are violating the international law along with the legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Such actions will immediately and automatically lead to blacklisting the violators by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan.  In case of a visit of such persons to Azerbaijan and detection of this fact by the side of the border service, the violators will be classified as the illegal infiltrators and will be immediately deported

Currently, the prices for hotel accommodation, food in restaurants, shopping and entertainment in Baku and Azerbaijan in general is noticeably lower than in the majority of popular touristic countries and locations in Europe and Asia.

If you have purchased a package tour, which implies the related services, you should be able to contact the tour operator, responsible for control of your trip. Besides that, we would recommend you to write down the contact information of your relevant country’s embassy in Azerbaijan, and make copies of all of your documents and ID cards for recovery in case you lose it.

Tourism related information can be acquired by calling the Information Center of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism (+99412 147), as well as the Tourist Information Centers in Baku and some of the regions (the contact information is available in the relevant regions’ pages of our website).

It is not recommended to use the tap water for drinking. We would recommend you to boil the tap water before use or drink the bottled water, sold at the majority of shops and convenience stores.

The Republic of Azerbaijan remains to be one of the few countries with the lowest level of crime. The street crime here is practically non-existent, and walking till the dawn is a common practice. However, it would be reasonable to take the relevant precautions, which are natural upon a visit to any country you are travelling to for the first time or any large city of the world.

A vacation in Azerbaijan would be nice and relevant all-year round. In the summer, you will be able to enjoy the beaches of the Caspian see, a walk outside with fresh air and nature, a wide range of fruits and vegetables. During the winter, it would be best to visit the comfortable mountain ski resorts of Shahdag and Tufandag.

The terms and conditions of transportation and schedules are available at the official websites of the relevant organizations: Baku International Bus Terminal, “Azerbaijan Railways” Closed Corporation, “Azerbaijan Airlines”.

The complete information about the Tourism related information centers is available at the relevant section of our website – Tourism information centers.